Saturday, March 1, 2014

Registration for Sketchbook Watercolor Journal is OPEN!

Workshop has limited number of seats!

Join me for this exciting online Workshop.  We will take daily adventures into a loose, quick journal format style of sketching and painting.  We will use daily "adventures" to create a beautiful, creative and inspiring sketchbook. Our first week we will travel to the Farmers Market to explore Fruits & Vegetables.  Our adventure will continue for 4 weeks traveling into a Botanical Garden of Herbs & Flowers, discover how to draw your favorite things in week 3 and in the final week we will take a "Spring Break" discovering the Beach.
Each week you'll receive an email with a link you to that weeks adventure.  The "lesson" is available 24/7 and you will receive a downloadable  step-by-step "map" for traveling to that weeks lesson.  There will be videos and examples from my sketchbook to support the lessons.  Just like a real workshop you will be able to see fellow students sketchbook pages and you will be able to post your own sketchbook pages (only if you want to share).  I will follow up each week with comments and suggestions on that weeks lessons.

Supply list :  Sketchbook with watercolor paper or mixed media paper, watercolors (you can use the kind that kids use), a #8 round watercolor brush, and permanent ink pen (pigma or sharpie), #2 pencil and kneaded eraser.

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