Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Apple Study

It's been a crazy summer!  We cleaned out the Ohio House, YEA!  My daughter bought it and has it back on the market.  Major upgrades, almost makes me want to buy it back...NOT!  

We're back in Florida, I'm a happy camper.  Moved the studio into the bedroom that has north light, lots of work but I love it.  Still trying to clean out....I just can't seem to get rid of art stuff, but I'm working on it.

I started classes back at the beach art center last week.  Small classes but it's that time of year and I'm enjoying get back into the routine.  

I decide to teach a beginning oil class with the same techniques as the watercolor class.  The step-by-step format works great with beginning students.  They get the basic techniques while doing a painting.  We will start the class with color theory, mixing  color charts, and value scale. I also plan on teaching the "Mechanics of Painting", this is the technique I learned from Jerry Fresia.  He studied with Bill Schultz who started the American Impressionist Society.  This technique goes back to the French Impressionist and give you a great foundation for painting in oils.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sun Flowers 11"x 14"  NFS

Where have I been?  In la la land!!!!  It's been a crazy year, with many ups and downs!  I lost my brother in September and a very good friend the same week.  No excuse, but I'm BACK doing what I love!  Painting & Teaching

This is one of my favorite paintings I did last year using the "Mechanics of Painting".  What's that? It's a painting style/technique that links back to the impressionists. A couple of years ago I took a week long workshop with Jerry Fresia www.fresia.com on Lake Como Italy.  Yelp!  The trip of a life time, our 25th anniversary, my gift from my husband. 

Jerry studied with Bill Schultz, who with a couple of his students started the Impressionist Society of America.  His techniques are linked back to Monet through his teachers.  My oil painting studies have been with teachers that have a link, through their teachers, to Monet and the impressionist.  

This past February Jerry came to Florida.  Lucky me I was the head assistant.....for me that was a big deal.  Lots of fun and lots of learning.  The Sunflower painting was painted using this techniques. Going forward I plan on teaching this technique at the Beach Art Center in the fall.  If you want to study with the "master" himself,  he's planning another wonderful workshop in February 2016 in St. Petersburg, Fl.  Check it out!!!