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"Red Bag" Finished Painting

I'll let this set overnight.......maybe add a few more details tomorrow.

"Red Bag" Step 3

On this step I started to define more of the details. Adding a few shadows, just to get the feel of the overall design.

"Red Bag" Step 2

This is my painting with base colors of Gray, Violet, Flesh, Dark Purple Brown and Cadmium Red on the Bag. Plus a dark value for the shadow. I mixed a Grayed down color of Yellow for the base in the background.

"Red Bag"

8"x 10" Oil on Canvas Board This is the first step in painting "The Red Bag". I toned the canvas with a mixture of Ultramarine Blue with a touch of Alizarin Crimson. This was applied with a cotton rag dipped in turp. While this was drying I mixed a few base colors.