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Pink Magnolia

6" x 6" Watercolor on Paper This little painting will be our first project for "Make it - Take it Fridays". The Beach Art Center is experiencing (as most art centers) a few cut backs from our grants! So, being the creative people that we are! Starting in January we are offering a class for the person who wants to try their hand at making art, but don't want to commit to a 4 or 6 week class. All supplies ( painting surface, paints, written step by step instructions, a color mixing guide, a photograph of the finished piece and the loan of brushes) will be included in the project packet! All you have to do is call the art center and register for the class! We're also working on a program designed for groups that are looking for a fun outing that includes lunch!


My friend Brenda De la Mora is now a certified teacher for Zentangle! What is Zentangle? It is an easy to learn method of creating images from repetutive patterns. A new art form that is for everyone who loves to doodle. If you google Zentangle you will come up with a millon sites. Check them out! Of course being the watercolor person that I am, I have to add color! Here are a few of my beginning exercises! These little guys are in my sketch book about 2"x2".......what fun! Plus it gets you into the "zone". It's a great warm up exercise, especially when you've been out of touch with your creative side for an extended period of time.


It's been a crazy time since we returned from Colorado for the month of September. Our condo in Florida has major water damage from the apartment above, we have "Black Mold"! What a mess! We're in Florida trying to deal with this problem, so far they had to remove everything including the wall board. We're waiting for the condo association and insurance to decide who pays for what!!!!