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Sunday Morning coming down!  Words from one of my favorite Kris Kristofferson Songs! We were out just a little late last night. When I got up at 3:45 am to take Kim & Jerry to the airport, this was the song in my head! We should have stayed up!
We made a family concert last night to see John Melloncamp at Ruth Echard Hall.  He's been my daughters favorite artist since she was 14.  WOW how time files. 
Me & My shadow will be this weeks Wednesday morning  watercolor project at the Indian Rocks Beach Art Center.  She also is the next project May 14th at Gulf Beaches Public Library, Maderia  Beach.
As most of you know I've been painting miniatures again.....about 15 in total since our trip to Cuba. I will start posting the ones I have left, a few went to South Carolina with my daughter....she says she is an only child she gets first pick!