Monday, November 10, 2008

Orange Squared

6x6 Oil on Gesso Board
As you can see I did change a few things, added a little more white on the dish, plus cropped off the top right corner, plus add a little more color on the oranges slices.


At this point I walk away for a while....just to get a fresh view I take it onto the porch where I have north light.......

Next Step

Adding on more paint and starting the background.

The Block In

I seem to get a better end product if I put on a first layer. I first toned the board with Cadmium Yellow Medium. Next I painted the shadows, then a layer on the oranges. Since the dish is white, I mixed several colors of Gray, then added white as I was putting in the "white colors" of the dish.

The Drawing

I began painting about 6 am!!!! Early Bird that I am....this is my best time.

Orange Squared

I love doing fact I think they are my favorite. I took the time this morning to do a step by step.....this is the photo, remember when you set up your still life get those wonderful shadows, they help create the tension in the you can feel the sunshine!

Red Pepper

6x6 Oil on Gesso Board
It's been a very full weekend...I was at the Saturday Art Market in St. Pete.....a little traffic, but they have moved the Farmers Market to another location a couple of blocks away......Hopefully they are going to move us too!
I painted this one on Friday....I'm having trouble with those colors of "Red" ........I finally got the right color for the background using Phthalo Blue with a little Ultramarine Blue plus White.....a great color but that Phthalo is hard to work gets into everything!