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My David Leffel Workshop

Begin each day as if it were on purpose!
Maryanne Radmacher I received an email that David has a broken knee cap, so the workshop for February was cancelled!!!!!!! Oh, My!!!!! but Dick and I have been planning a trip to Europe for our 25th wedding in comes Lake Como and Jerry Fresia......he is an American artist/teacher from Chicago who studied with William Schultz who studied with one of Monet's in comes my new workshop. I have Jerry's book (blurb), I love the way he starts a painting (he has a 3 minute demo on you tube) with his technique of doing a small still life.

If you put it out into the Universe, it may just happen....the new plan is to go on a barge trip in Europe and then a workshop for a week on Lake Como....he has several openings in September....once we book the barge I will give you the week maybe you could join us!  Wouldn't that be a dream trip? 

Martha Jane Kirk Slone Dec 9, 1927 - January 14, 2012

My Mom was 85 years old, she had breast cancer 43 years ago, after 30 days of cobalt (radiation that couldn't be measured)....I was told by a doctor at the James that no one has lived this long with that much cobalt....she was a fighter and very strong women.  My daughter, my brother and myself were with her in her home, in her bed, so she got her wish.  I was happy I was there to say goodbye.....
She leaves a wonderful family behind, we will all miss her!Five (5) generations - Left Judah, Brittney, Me, Mom, Kim, and Haddie in the middle.

Brit & Little Levi Haddie & Rae-Rae
Judah Mal getting a kiss from Brit
Kim Drew & baby Levi
These are a few pictures of my family......grand kids and great grand kids.... how lucky am I?

Fall Pear

Fall Pear Oil 8" x 10" Class Project Dan Edmondson
This painting for me was all about mixing those fall colors of yellows, reds and oranges.  I had to add a couple of layers of paint to get the bright colors.  I still haven't got the lighting worked out in the studio....but it felt great being back in the class.  Looking forward to painting with Judy & Larry on Wednesday....Life is Good
Happiness flourishes in the secret garden of our Soul... George Eliot (aka Mary Anne Evans)

Telling a Story

11" x 14" Collage
This is one of my all time favorite pieces.....Dick & I were out in Santa Fe, NM, staying at our favorite camp ground.....I had just finished a painting of the "Dough Boy" a sepia painting from an old photograph that was published in the Hertiage Magazine in Lancaster, Ohio.  When I finished the piece it didn't tell the story I really want it to tell.  That particular morning the Sante Fe Newspaper had an article about a lost exhibit of Georgia O'Keefe  at a collage on the east coast.  This was a story ready to be told using a collage technique.....Just think of your family of your grand parents, memorabilia from school, the list can go on forever. This painting has had a life of it's own....from being in a couple of magazines to Royal &Langnickel Brush Company using  it on the packaging for a beginning watercolor kit.  
I've always had the desire to have my painting to tell a story.  When I visit a museum …

Happy New Year!

8x10 Batik on Rice paper
Quote for the Day by President Bill Clinton:
"Nothing big ever came from being small."
This was a fun project......Kathie George is the owner of the design.....she is a not only a wonderful teacher but a great friend.  I have always wanted to play around with her batik style but never took the over the holidays I took the time....what fun!....but way too much work.  I now really appreciate what she does....
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season....mine was wonderful all of my grandkids and great grandkids were home.....we are now back in Florida.  Yea!  Yea!  Warm sunny days....I'm getting ready to teach starting next week, Wednesday, January I will have a make it take it on Friday, January 20th.