Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Artid Gallery

I'm having a little problem with posting more than one paragraph. To continue with Artid Gallery; it's a great "on line Gallery" plus the monthly fee includes your listing on eBay for 30 days. If the item is sold youpay a small commission. This works for me, plus it's less work! I hope to have the Gallery up and running this week. So be sure to check back!

White Petunias

10"x 8" Oil on Canvas Board
Convention is over, classes went great, plus I got to meet new students and visited with old friends. I can't believe it's been so long since I painted and had something I could post. I have been working on landscapes, but it's isn't going well! It's about practice! urg!
I have made a few changes, I joined an on line gallery Artid Gallery. It's a great gallery with wonderful artist in all media. For a small monthly fee you can put your paintings in their eBay store for 30 days. If the painting sells you pay a small commission. I hope to get it up and running this week. I haven't posted anything in my Etsy store, but hope to get caught up this week.