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FYI-Famous Painters Copied Photographs

As most of you know I teach a step by step technique, by starting the student with a line drawing and photograph of the finished painting. Over the years I've heard the comment, "Isn't that cheating?". The general public believe that you are born with the GIFT of painting. I truly believe that painting is a SKILL! Sure some people do have talent, but so do pianoist, but you must practice to develope the talent! It is truly about training the person to see and understand the process of painting. By understanding the process, by practicing and visually seeing the transformation of a photograph to a line drawing the brain begins to understand how you draw. A lot of it's about the hand, eye, and brain working together. One of the most popular art books, Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, goes into great detail explaining the process of the right brain (creative side) and how you can make your brain shift over to this creative side. While surfing m…