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"Strawberries" Step 1

10 x 8 Oil on Canvas Board This is the first step of blocking in the local color. I forgot to take a photograph of the lifting out step, but hopefully you understand the process from the White Picture with Oranges.

"Strawberries" Photograph

Original Photograph of Still Life

"White Picture with Oranges" Step 2

I blocked in all the local colors, plus some of the shadow shapes. I'll let this dry overnight.

"White Pitcher with Oranges " Step 1

8 x 10 Oil on Canvas Board I decided to try working on two paintings at once. I'm hoping this will keep me from overworking them. I first cover the panel with a mixture of Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Yellow and French Ultramarine Blue, this is a Red Brown Mixture. I will be using this Red Brown with the other mixture to create color harmony. This was a Color Theory exercise we did this fall in Michael McEwan's class at Capital University.

"Pitcher with Oranges" Photograph