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Flower Name

Angels' Trumpet - Jill Macfarlane a friend and Florida artist ...... posted on Facebook....
Angels' Trumpets belongs to the nightshade family and is highly toxic.  Keep the plant
away from young children and pets, and gardeners should wear gloves to prevent contact
with the plant's sap!

Flower Hawaii???

6" x 6" Transparent Watercolor
I have no idea what this flower is called (if someone out there knows please let me know)....the first time I saw one was at Renoir house in the south of France.  They are huge... about 8-10 inches long.  We just returned from Hawii and I have to say it was "wonderful".....we drove "the road to Hana", which is  the road into the rain forest.  Long winding road but it was worth the eight hour trip up and back.