Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's up!

Things have been very busy, but I'm hard at work, taking two classes weekly.  Monday morning is "plein air" with Deb awesome painter and great friend.  Tuesday is the weekly class at Donna's.....I leave Wednesday for a day visit with my granddaughter Brittney.....with her wonderful husband and fantastic kids, Haddie Girl 3 1/2 and Judah 2 1/ Levi due November 1st....then off to Columbia for a two day workshop.....painting with my friends!

I have been doing a lot of research on the "Chiaroscuro"  ( skyur-o-skur) style of painting.  Merriam Webster 1:  pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard of color 2: the arrangement or treatment of light and dark parts in a pictorial work of art.

David A. Leffel is the master of chiaroscuro, I've had the privilege of seeing him demo a couple of times at the Longboat Key Art Center in Florida.  His book An Artist Teaches:  Reflections on the Art of Painting; he was so kind to sign it for me.  What a gentle soul!  Very personable and down to earth.  About 10 years ago I was in a gallery in Arizona and happened upon a few of his that time I didn't know anything about the artist, but it was truly the WOW factor.  I've never forgotten my feeling of aw!  It was about the traveling of light across the objects in the painting.  At this time I was still painting watercolors, but every time I would think of those paintings I would get that same feeling of Aw!  A couple of my friends have study with him and I'm on the list for this year, I can't tell you the excitement I feel at having this opportunity. 

David's doing the demo, Self Portrait.

On display in the the Art Center Gallery.
Another WOW

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apples 3

Still Life Set Up
When setting up a still life I usually take a picture, this give me a different view.  If I'm not sure if the design looks good, I look at it upside down on my camera or look at it with a mirror.  I've heard many teachers say it really is about design and/or composition.

The Sketch with Brush
I usually sketch the design with a #4 filbert brush and a little burnt sienna diluted with turp.   If you sketch with this method it is very easy to correct mistakes.  I also use a view finder. 

Scumbling the darks and mid tones.

Three Apples 8" x 10" oil on canvas board.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Apple Still Life Set Up

 While surfing You Tube a few months ago I found a video by Impressionist Jerry Fresia.  Of couse I had to purchase his book from Blurb.  It's a great book and I have read it cover to cover several times.  He really breaks it down how to paint like the impressionist.  Today was my day to try it.  Above is the set up.  He has 5 stages and 10 steps. 

Once you decide on composition and do the sketch you "scumble" your darks and mid tones.  In this stage you leave the white of the canvas open.
Apples 8" x 10" Final