Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Snow #2 Project

New Snow 8x10

This is  my second project in my on line workshop class with Daniel Edmondson     .....this was a lesson in mixing "whites".  One of the most interesting things is how blue the snow is in shadow, I had about 6 puddles white....this reminded me of the color mixes "mouse colors" of Jean Dobbie's in Making Color Sing.  We are in the process of getting ready to go to Florida for a couple of weeks.  My game plan is to start working on the Still Life Workshop....I just love the first project. 

The November Newsletter is almost complete.....I've done quite a bit of research on the "Sight Size Drawing Method", I even purchased a DVD with Judith Kudlow.  I sat up a still life and maped out the design.  It a challenge, but once you get going it's a lot of really makes you look at your subject in relationship to the placement on the canvas.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Got My Critique Today!

I can't believe the turn around time that Daniel Edmondson did on my critique.....I email the photograph (like I said way to much color) on Monday and I received a 5 minute video!  WOW! I'm truly impressed......I also received a 4 minute video on photographing oil painting indoor.  I plan on trying it tomorrow.  Stayed Tune!

We are in the process of getting ready to go to the condo for 2 or 3 weeks so I can get my dental work many of you know...I had to have a new cap, but had to return home because of my 6 months later we hope to get the process finished.

I also received my new project for this week which is a winter scene.....I've had a brief view of the video today, so I'm hoping I can watch it from start to finish tonight.....probably won't get painting time in before we leave, but I can paint it in my head........Monet made a quote one time about he painted the picture in his head first........ 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to School!

8x10 on Canvas Board
(this photo has the color more intense that it really is)

One way to get better at painting is to take a workshop.....I've signed up for 2 more besides the one with David A Leffel.  Recently I was surfing the net (I've been doing more of that than I should) and came across a blog that I've watched off and on for the past couple of years.  Daniel Edmondson has a couple of on line workshops using Video's with a step by step method.  You sign up, he sends you an email with the video link plus the photograph.  The really great part of this is you get the DVD in about a week in the mail.  I signed up for the Landscape first then decided to do the still life also (he's running a special).  I have to say this is a great workshop. You can go at your own pace, so if it's a busy week you just do the class the next week.  You also get to send emails with questions plus a critique once the project is finished.  He will send a video or email critique......what can be better than this?

This is the first project, the video is about 90 minutes and he really explains his process, plus what he's thinking..........I used a lot of palette knife which is very new for me....I did most of the rocks.  His workshop web site is you can also see his work on his web site

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notes on Chiaroscuro

Since my last post I've had lots of stuff going on!  A few of the girls and I spent a couple of days in the Hocking Hills....painting, eating really great food and in general having a great time!  My car (new van) has been in the shop for 3 weeks trying to get a new engine.....hopefully I will be able to pick it up tomorrow.  I'm visiting my Mom in West Virginia (arriving at 8 am this moring, I left my home at 4:30 am! ).....she is still very ill and has had a mini stroke this morning. 

I have registarted for  a 10 week online workshop with Daniel Edmondson, read about him from one of the artist on the Daily Paint Works Blog.  You get 10 lesson via email which includes 2 hours of video, plus photographs and once completed a critique.  You may also contact him with questions or asking general information.  As most of you know I have a very slow internet connection so I've been waiting for the DVD (this is also include) with the workshop.

The last newsletter I talked about chiaroscuro, since I'm in the workshop with David Leffel at the end of February at the Longboat Key Art Center (Florida), I decided I would go back and study Gregg Kerutz's book.  I have read several books on Chiaroscuro and his is the best for getting down to the basic.  As part of my work / study programs I decided I would share the basic information with you.....his book is available at a very good price on Amazon for about $15.00.

Daniel Edmondson

Notes from Gregg Kreutz Book
Problem Solving for the Oil Painter

1. Does the painting have a Focus? Paint with your eyes on the center of interest….when we look at something we always look at SOME THING!

2. Does the painting read? Is there a route that the viewer can follow to the focal point/center of interest. Western cultural reads from left to right….most view a painting the same way.

3. Note: The intensity of a picture is an echo of the intensity with which it was painted. Greg feels that getting something finished on the painting moves you forward to a successful painting. This also help with the vision of the finished painting.

4. Shapes! Are essential tools for the painter, as is the color, value and composition.

5. Are the dominant shapes as strong and simple as possible? Simple shapes carry and make the picture readable from across the room.

6. His start

a. Concept (what do you want to say).rough in the objects. Get their placement.

b. Rough in the background--- helps check the values. Also checks the composition.

c. Paint background the correct value! What is the light path?

d. How does the painting read? Pump up the focal area!

e. Make the center of interest as intense as possible – halo, intense reflected light, this makes the center of interest more intense and bigger.

I will post more notes next week, check back!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Clematis Step by Step (Day 1)

Clematis 22" x 30" (Full Sheet Watercolor)
Step 4
All the petal and leaves have a first layer of color.  The dark
shapes come  next. Love painting the high contrast with that
spring sunshine.  This photograph was taken at my mother-in-laws
this past Spring.  Her pride and JOY!

Work in Progess.....hope to finish this week.

Clematis 22" x 30" (Full Sheet Watercolor)
Step 3
Painting those shapes!

Clematis 22" x 30" (Full Sheet Watercolor)
Step 2

I work on the big areas first. Getting my first layer down.

Clematis 22" x 30" (Full Sheet Watercolor)
Step 1
I used the wet into wet technique with this painting.  I first wet the paper
 then drop in Green and Purple.