Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Sugar Time" Under Painting

5" x 4"
Oil on Canvas
I have always been captivated by Rembrandt, not only by his paintings, but the concept of being lead through the painting by the light. David Leffel is a "student" so to speak of Rembrandt. I had the opportunity to see several of Mr. Leffel's painting a couple of years ago. I just couldn't spend enough time with them. I would probably still be there!
This under painting is called Monochrome, this describes a picture that's made with varying tones of one color. I mixed Burnt Sienna plus Ultramarine Blue to get a darker value of Burnt Sienna. I first toned the canvas with thin wash of this mixture. Let this dry, then sketched in the design with a #2 Filbert brush. I used a soft synthetic brush to lift out the color where the light struck the various objects.

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