Saturday, January 26, 2008

"SDP Article Decorative Painters Magazine"

It's been a crazy week!!! I finished the article and it will be in the mail on Monday. Yea! Yea! I have painted every day; finally got one today that I will post later. I keep telling myself the reason for the "blog" is to make myself paint, not just to have something to post. I've been working 8x10, so it takes me a couple of days to finish. So I will change my New Year's resolution to 3 painting per week, if they are 8x10 or larger. Pressure is OFF!!!!!! Went to the Minature Show yesterday afternoon! WOW! What a wonderful show....over 900 pieces including sculpture. It's at the Gulf Coast Art Museum. It's a must see.

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Patricia said...

Love your work Mary!
And you've been tagged!