Sunday, January 4, 2009

Making a Mark: Art in 2008 - A Review (Part 2)

Making a Mark: Art in 2008 - A Review (Part 2) This is a wonderful art's all about the art business, especially with what's happening in this tough market. I discover this link from Karin Juricks site, she's a faithful reader and I can see why. As most of you know I talk about Karin's work and what has made her so successful. It's about hard work, painting daily, because if you paint everyday you will get better! Remember the old saying "Practice makes Perfect". Speaking of Karin check out her blog ( , she's having a show at Morris Whiteside in Hilton Head in March......I may have to go visit my friend Julie, or maybe Shelia will be in Charleston. If you haven't visited Karins need too!

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