Friday, February 27, 2009

David A. Leffel Demo

All I can say is WOW! David A. Leffel did a demo at Longboat Key Art Center, this was the third day of his workshop.......couldn't afford it, but just couldn't miss seeing the master at work. It was wonderful, he is the best! Also I purchased his book (out of print from 2003) from Gallery M in Sarasota, they had one of his paintings. So I got it signed and he was just a gem......thanked me for coming and purchasing his book. I've had the opportunity to see several pieces in Galleries out west and let me tell you they are just awesome!!! This has made my year!!!


Susan Carlin said...

Cool, Mary! A little hero worship there? Heck, if you're going to have a painting hero, you could do worse. Thanks for posting this!

n. rhodes harper said...

OMG did you take David out for drinks and steak? I love his work. How are you. I like the little rebel paintng. Miss you gal.

Mary Spires said...

Hi Nancy Just got to see him demo....but it was wonderful, plus he signed my book...nice man. How goes the painting....I've been painting, but too lazy to get photo's. St Pete paint the town is this week and I've got a couple I like will post them later....are you coming up to Ohio this summer? Would love to see ya!!!