Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pass a Grill Dunes

8x10 Oil on Canvas Board
I'm still painting! Last week was Paint the town in St. Petersburg. It was a wonderful week of painting every day with Judy & Larry Pumfrey. We went to Pass a Grill 2 days and over to Salt Creek on Friday. I had several wipe outs, but I learned a lot. The weekend before we had a 2 day workshop on Plein Aire Painting with Judy & Larry also, I got a couple of good starts but I need to go back to the Garden at Hertiage Village, maybe this Friday Morning.
The paintings from Paint the Town are in the Finn Gallery on 4th St. until April 19. I can't tell you how wonderful this show is, it really makes me know how much work I have ahead to get up to where I would like to be in my painting in Plein Aire!

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