Monday, August 29, 2011

New Paint Job

I finally did it!!!!!  It's only been 23 years, the studio had the original builders I moved everything into the garage, and started painting.  It's now a very soft pale green (sage), which is the best paint color for a studio.......Dick was happy to help because he got a  new space across the back of the room overlooking a great view of the back 40! We made a new top for the old roll top desk....hope to be finished this week.  Added a few new selves, including a gray plastic one for still life stuff and plein air boxes.  Moved the mat cutting cabinet (Dick made about 20 years ago), it has storage for mat board and watercolor paper.  This created a new space for still life set up, plus photographing paintings with my light box.  More info on how to build it in the newsletter due out this week. 

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