Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Snow #2 Project

New Snow 8x10

This is  my second project in my on line workshop class with Daniel Edmondson     .....this was a lesson in mixing "whites".  One of the most interesting things is how blue the snow is in shadow, I had about 6 puddles white....this reminded me of the color mixes "mouse colors" of Jean Dobbie's in Making Color Sing.  We are in the process of getting ready to go to Florida for a couple of weeks.  My game plan is to start working on the Still Life Workshop....I just love the first project. 

The November Newsletter is almost complete.....I've done quite a bit of research on the "Sight Size Drawing Method", I even purchased a DVD with Judith Kudlow.  I sat up a still life and maped out the design.  It a challenge, but once you get going it's a lot of really makes you look at your subject in relationship to the placement on the canvas.

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