Saturday, January 7, 2012

Telling a Story

11" x 14" Collage

This is one of my all time favorite pieces.....Dick & I were out in Santa Fe, NM, staying at our favorite camp ground.....I had just finished a painting of the "Dough Boy" a sepia painting from an old photograph that was published in the Hertiage Magazine in Lancaster, Ohio.  When I finished the piece it didn't tell the story I really want it to tell.  That particular morning the Sante Fe Newspaper had an article about a lost exhibit of Georgia O'Keefe  at a collage on the east coast.  This was a story ready to be told using a collage technique.....Just think of your family of your grand parents, memorabilia from school, the list can go on forever. This painting has had a life of it's own....from being in a couple of magazines to Royal &Langnickel Brush Company using  it on the packaging for a beginning watercolor kit.  

I've always had the desire to have my painting to tell a story.  When I visit a museum I look at all the wonderful pieces thinking of their story.  As one of the goals for this coming year I want my art to tell a story.......What do you want your art to do this year?

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