Saturday, January 28, 2012

Martha Jane Kirk Slone Dec 9, 1927 - January 14, 2012

My Mom was 85 years old, she had breast cancer 43 years ago, after 30 days of cobalt (radiation that couldn't be measured)....I was told by a doctor at the James that no one has lived this long with that much cobalt....she was a fighter and very strong women.  My daughter, my brother and myself were with her in her home, in her bed, so she got her wish.  I was happy I was there to say goodbye.....

She leaves a wonderful family behind, we will all miss her!Five (5) generations - Left Judah, Brittney, Me, Mom, Kim, and Haddie in the middle.

Brit & Little Levi
Haddie & Rae-Rae

Mal getting a kiss from Brit

Drew & baby Levi

These are a few pictures of my family......grand kids and great grand kids....
how lucky am I?

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