Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blue Ball Jar

8" x  8" Oil on Board
Dreama's Blue Ball Jar
This was our first project in Dreama's Workshop.....I started this one in class
but had to switch to another board....this was a masonite board, very slick, the second layer
of paint wouldn't stick.  Surface too wet.  Dreama's process is to first
add Transparent Paint, kinda mapping out your design.  Next you go back in with
your opaque colors.  It was a total mess!!!!!  no drawing, just a few marks to
show you placement of the subject.  Soooooo much fun!!!!
I love the looseness of the process.....the intimidation of the white surface was gone. 
I finished this painting the last day of the workshop when we had time to
try out the technique on our photographs.  Everyone in the class got great paintings.
Tomorrow I will post the "round about"?  What's a round about?  Stop by tomorrow to find out.

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