Friday, January 11, 2013

Checkmate - Day 10

14" x 11" Watercolor on Paper
This is a transparent watercolor that I will be teaching step by step to
my Wednesday morning class at the Beach Art Center.  I still love
doing watercolor because they always create a challenge.  The big difference
between watercolor and oils is you have to have a "concept".  This was the topic of discussion 
in Wednesday afternoon oil painting class with Judy & Larry Pumfrey.  Larry ask the question
what is concept?  Basically it the plan, what's going on in your head about what
this painting should look like.  Watercolor, because of the way the paints are applied
to the  paper you have to have a picture in your "head" of what this will 
look like as a finished painting.  The nice thing about oils is you can change
your "Concept" in mid painting.  Just wipe off the area you want to change.
Not going to happen with watercolors......
This was a glass chest set our grandson gave us for Christmas a few years ago.  I love
the back light casting the shadow on the glass board.  This was painted with four tubes of paint, 
French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson and Cobalt Turquoise.  
With the sedimentary nature of the French Ultramarine Blue and the Burnt Sienna, you get 
this very unique effect of the particles of paint separating.


Maria Randolph said...

Hi Mary, I love the light reflecting on and through the surfaces in here. Very nice!

Carole Baker said...

Your oils grabbed my attention on Leslie's blog, and your watercolors are outstanding. This is so well composed and I love the granulation.

Mary Spires said...