Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pomagranate in Red - Day 8

14" x 11" Oil on Canvas
Talk about a fun painting!  This guys just went together with out any effort, I think Jerry's
"enjoy the process" is finally sinking in......I'm still working with the lighting.  I photograph the 
process.  I have about 20 picture that are a step by step of the painting. 
 I hope to have a little slide show in the coming weeks.
While in Italy we worked with North light, it's the best.  I have a natural light that represents
North Light but it's not quite the same.  This will be on Daily Paintworks Auction.


A.K.SIMON said...

Nice Mary, I see the Freesia influence

Mary Spires said...

I miss your smiling face....heard about Connie today...I love your paintings...the theme is just wonderful....