Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sugar N Orange - Day 12

12" x 12" Oil on Canvas
This painting is very "High Key", the Impressionist, especially Monet painted with in
this value range.  My problem is getting a good photograph.....the colors look "chalky" in the
photo, but are very bright in real life.  Today I'm going to try to play around with
different locations with various light sources.  I have a "photo box" with lights
but they seem to wash out the painting.  If I get a better one I'll be sure to post!
Having sooooo much fun, plus I have 12 new paintings!!! Yea! Yea!


A.K.SIMON said...

Very Nice

Maria Randolph said...

This is so beautiful Mary! Very the feel of this!

Mary Spires said...

Thanks Ladies......this 30 in 30 is keeping me hopping....

Diane said...

Love this Mary! Beautiful!