Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where's the daily paintings?

I've been so busy with "ah ha" moments, I haven't even thought of taking pictures of my own paintings. I can truly say this has been one of those "Things" that happens on your "Art Journey" that is a major step in the way you think about painting and the way you execute it! It's like Carol & Karin have flipped on another circuit breaker in my brain!


n. rhodes harper said...

I know where your daily paintings are, you left them at Gumbos in the Tia Maria! Love ya, you are a wonderful gal and my life is better having met you Mary! All the best Nancy Harper

Susan Carlin said...

So glad I got to meet you at the workshop last weekend! You added so much to everyone's enjoyment there. I learned so much, my brain is whirling with possibilites. I'm sure it's the same with you, right?
Hope to stay in touch, Mary!